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Mindy and Taylor’s engagement session

If I could use only one word to sum up Mindy and Taylor, it would be chemistry.  Wow.  If I could distill just a little bit of that chemistry, bottle it, and distribute it to those that need it, the world would be a much better place.  And I’d be filthy stinking rich.

These two met at a karaoke bar outing (with mutual friends). And after hanging out with them for an hour or two, it was apparent to me how this totally fits their personalities.  What an awesome couple!  They were pretty much down for whatever I threw at them, including waking up at the crack of dawn on a weekend (mental note: standing in the middle of South Congress is generally not such a good idea).

Did I mention they’re getting married in Cape Cod this fall? How gorgeous is that going to be?

Congrats, y’all! And thanks for the good times!

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Laura and Travis’s engagement

It’s safe to say that I liked Laura and Travis from the moment I met them — they’re just good people. And you know when people in love are described as having a sparkle in their eye? Yeah, they’ve got that sparkle.  It’s pretty awesome.

These two met and fell in love as undergrads at Southwestern University (where they’ll be getting married), and Travis proposed to Laura at Southwestern, so it was only fitting that we shot their engagement session at their alma mater.  I was so glad we were able to track down one of those famous Southwestern communal bikes (in spite of the fact that school’s out for summer) for a few shots!  Too much fun!

Thanks for the good times, y’all.  And for putting up with my ridiculous Randy Jackson impression.  Can’t wait for your wedding next March!

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