Hallie’s Senior Portrait Session in Memphis

I had the opportunity to shoot Hallie’s casual senior photos when we were in Memphis several weeks ago… yes, Memphis…. Tennessee? Elvis?  Bar-be-que?  Mississippi River?  Does any of this ring a bell?  My wife hails from Memphis, Tennessee, and her family still lives there. So, naturally, we visit on a pretty regular basis.

Anyway, Hallie’s mom had contacted me a few months back and told me that her daughter was really into soul music, and that she wanted to take some photos in front of the old Stax Records (which, if you’re not familiar, was the recording company responsible for Otis Redding and some other pretty big names back in the day)… and, oh yeah, she also mentioned that Hallie had a vintage VW Bug too. Say no more! Sign me up!

Hallie (and Pam) — I had a great time hanging out and getting to know y’all.  I hope you did too!

To see more photos from Hallie’s senior session, cruise on over to the gallery. (it’s password protected, but if you know Hallie’s last name, then you know the password!)

If you live in Memphis and would like to schedule a photo session the next time I’m in town (travel advisory: it’s sooner than you think!), contact me.  And if you’re in Austin, well then, what are you waiting for?









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